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Kitty and Racky play in the Tree

Racky and I were playing games outside in the yard today. First we played Hop Scotch, then we played Tag in the grass, and last but not least, we played Hide and Go Seek. I had trouble finding her, but I don't know if she had trouble finding me. We were playing in a tall Crabapple tree. I looked down to see if Racky was in the grass, but I didn't see her. That was when I met Mrs. Woodpecker.

Kitty and Racky meet Mrs Woodpecker

Mrs. Woodpecker seems like a nice bird. I called Racky down to meet Mrs. Woodpecker. We all talked for a very long time. Then Elliana came in the car to tell us it was dinner time. So Racky and I said "Bye" to Mrs. Woodpecker. Then we hopped in the car, and Elliana drove off to the house. Then we all ate our dinner.

kitty  •  kitty and racky  •  kitty goes sledding